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The LowLiner is based on a commercial vehicle chassis with front-wheel drive, which can be driven with a class 3 or C1 driving licence.

Two different drive systems are available:

We are the first supplier to have developed a fully electric drive for the mobile branch and have it in use with customers. With a maximum output of 130 kW, even the large LowLiner models are well powered. We adapt the range and battery capacity to the customer’s individual requirements.

The daily operation of your banking technology is ensured by a self-sufficient energy supply from a separate Li-ion battery pack,

which is supplemented by solar panels and also feeds the split air conditioning system with heat pump.

Both battery systems are charged overnight at a 400 volt socket and do not require any additional investment in charging infrastructure.

For the first time, you have the possibility to operate a mobile branch exclusively with renewable energy in a sustainable way. 

The body of the LowLiner model is based on an individually manufactured low-frame chassis with a floor height of only approx. 42 cm.

A generously dimensioned step makes it possible, especially for older customers, to easily and quickly get to the store by means of 

a foldable Wheelchair ramp also provides barrier-free access to the service area inside. The outdoor ATM or cash recycler is also barrier-free accessible.

The optional room air filter system with HEPA filters protects customers and staff.

Functionality tailored to your needs is realised by the equipment specially adapted to your requirements. You can choose between a 1-room branch with service area and a 2-room branch with service and a separate consultation area. On request, we can also adapt the design concept of your stationary branches to the mobile branch.

The integrated outdoor GA or CRS allows you a multifunctional use, also as a mobile ATM on weekends at events or sporting events.

Individual advertising lettering

Barrie-free outdoor ATM/CRS

Height adjustable counter

Easy Entry


Individual furniture construction

Model variants

LowLiner 1-room

1-room branch

Models: LowLiner 4.0 · 5.3 · 5.6
Layout: Service area
Technical area, WC

LowLiner 2-room

2-room branch

Models: LowLiner 6.3 · 6.8
Layout: Service- & consulting area
Technical area, WC

LowLiner Lounge


Model: LowLiner Lounge
Layout: Lounge area
Technical area, WC



Available with
all-electric drive.

Body length

4.0m to 6.8m

Driving licence

Class C1 or C


Barrier-free access by
means of wheelchair ramp.

Easy Entry

Easy access thanks to
a floor height of
approx. 42cm.


with barrier-free access.
Can also be used at events


Emission free Li-Ion
Battery with inverter


Modularly configurable
and tailored to your
sales concept

Alarm system

Coordinated with your
security concept


Maximum flexibility through the use of the
latest technology.

GPS tracking system

Location system

Video system

Video surveillance
according to your
security concept


Staff WC

Air conditioning

Comfortable atmosphere
thanks to split air
conditioner with
heat pump

LowLiner – Your barrie-free, mobile branch

A mobile branch from GS-Mobile is far more than just a mobile business room. In addition to proven space concepts and the fulfilment of the most modern requirements for a customer-friendly branch, a LowLiner bank mobile from GS-Mobile is characterised by its accessibility.

Barrier-free access

A folding wheelchair ramp allows barrier-free access to the service area inside, and not just for older customers.

Outdoor ATM/CRS

The outdoor ATM/CRS is accessible at an easily accessible operating height.


All vehicles are available with modern diesel engines or electric drive.
With an ultra-modern and powerful all-electric drive, you can already drive directly to your customers with zero emissions. In this way, you set a meaningful example for sustainability and environmental protection in your region.

Technical specifications:

  • Power: up to 130 kW
  • Li-Ion battery with up to 108 kWh
  • Range: adapted to individual needs.
  • Speed: 90 Km/h locked
  • Integrated charger: 400 Volt / 22kW – no wall box necessary.

Technical specifications:

  • Engine: Euro 6d-Final
  • Power: up to 130 kW / 177 hp
  • Speed: >80 Km/h
Moblie Bankfiliale mit E-Antrieb

Reference galleries

Below you can see an excerpt of our individually manufactured mobile branches.

LowLiner 1-Room-Branches

Mobile_Branch_LOWLINER_5-3_1 for Banks
Mobile_Branch_LOWLINER_5-3_1 for Banks
Kompaktes Bankmobil

LowLiner 2-Room-Branches

Mobile Branch - Bank
Barrierefreies Bankmobil
Volksbank Bankbus
Mobile Geschäftsstelle
Mobiles Bankmobil mit zwei Räumen
Mobile Geschäftsstelle
Mobile Branch
Bankmobil: LowLiner 6.3, Aufbauvariante Style
Mobiles Bankmobil mit zwei Räumen